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"This was a false-flag stunt using murdered children as bait to
 try to lure the Americans into attacking Assad." -- Denis O'Brien


Murder in the SunMorgue is a online forensic study of the Ghouta Massacre that occurred near Damascus, Syria on Aug21|2013. It is written by LogoPhere.com blogger Denis O'Brien, a lawyer whose PhD is in neuropharmacology. 

"MITSM" is based on pharmocological and physiological principles and evidence that prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Ghouta Massacre was carried out with carbon monoxide or cyanide and not the nerve gas sarin, as is widely asserted by the US Government and the media. This supports the theory that the perpetrators had to be Syrian terrorists such as the Free Syrian Army, al-Nursra, Jaysh al-Islam, or Da'esh (aka ISIS) and not Assad's forces. 

First published Apr14|2014.  Revised/updated version published Oct08|2015 

The free online book is here




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