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LogoPhere's Topics for November 2014

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LogoPhere's Daily Darts for Nov22.2014

 More Daily Fails from the Daily Mail

(Read 'em and weep . . .)


 LogoPhere's WTF News for Nov21.2014

  Here are a few, mostly sick, recent cop stories from LogoPhere's Moron Cops In The News Dept: 

  • Ex-cop who murdered 7 yo girl 55 years ago busted.

  • Pismo Beach cops beat woman having seizure, bust her for intox. 

  • Winter Haven cops practice school lockdown -- loaded but unannounced.  

  • California needs its prisoners to fight forest fires for $2 day.  

  • New Jersey cop un-zips while writing tickets.

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 A LogoPhere IMHO Memorandum ~ Nov18.2014

The Duke Photo:
A closer look at the MH-17 satellite images debacle

Another damn reason not to trust Russians . . . or Americans

-- Denis O’Brien

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LogoPhere's Daily Darts for Nov13.2014

 MSM goofs for a Thursday

(Read 'em and weep . . .)

LogoPhere's Daily Darts for Nov11.2014

 MSM goofs for a Tuesday

(Read 'em and weep . . .)

 A LogoPhere IMHO Memorandum ~ Nov09.2014

Jon Stewart’s misplaced "white privilege" rants
and the case for pediocentric politics

Poor children as wasted national potential

-- Denis O’Brien

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 LogoPhere's WTF News for Nov04.2014

Uh . . . yeah, I don't think so, you chickenshit.

  Here are a few stories from LogoPhere's Too Frickin' Funny Dept: 

  • Robert Fisk is no chemist.

  • Lewis Black -- ya' know, sometimes he's actually funny. 

  • Don't give me that "grassy knoll" crap, you chickenshit.  

  • Bad move.  Croat pianist takes on WaPo Midgette -- now the whole world knows he sucks.

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