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LogoPhere's WTF News for Oct23.2014

From the Views & Spews Dept.

Over at Mondoweiss the discussion over the Government of Israel (GoI) raping Palestine continues, even as the raping itself continues. David Gerald Fincham put up a post today that is very much worth reading: "The hidden documents that reveal the true borders of Israel and Palestine."  

Ever since the establishment of GoI (and even before, according to Fincham), the i-Jews have insisted that they have never designated or claimed the borders of the State of Israel, as if it is possible to have a state without having borders.  One hears this crap all of the time, but particularly when GoI wants to justify stealing more Palestinian land.  Fincham relies on historical documents to show that at the time the world got behind the establishment of Israel, the borders were well defined and had been agreed to by all sides, including the i-Jews.

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A LogoPhere In-depth Report


The Village Wolf-watcher:
Who Is Eric Holthaus and Why
Should Anyone Buy His Bill of Goods?

A detailed look at the tactics and ethics of a global-warming alarmist




LogoPhere's Daily Darts for Oct19.2014

 LogoPhere continues its relentless fight to prevent the Daily Mail from making you as stupid as them

(Read 'em and weep . . .)


LogoPhere's Daily Darts for Oct16.2014

 HuffPo, RT and DM duke it out for 
Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest

(Read 'em and weep . . .)


A LogoPhere In-depth Report


"But what is beyond any reasonable doubt is that the video shows that 
James Foley had good reason to believe he was moments away from 
dying but kept his cool and turned the Salafists' message of 
fear and hatred of America into a defiant gesture of 
American patriotism."  -- Denis O'Brien



LogoPhere's Daily Darts for Oct04.2014

 Still clearing the backlog of gratuitously 
stupid Daily Mail (mostly) fails

(Read 'em and weep . . .)


LogoPhere's WTF News for Oct03.2014

 Joe Biden shines the light on US's Sunni "allies" funding ISIS

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LogoPhere's Daily Darts for Oct02.2014

Here's a few members of the American judicial system who need
 to be taken out to the woodshed for a little informal schoolin'


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Get Serious, by Denis O'Brien 

Bad attitudes about Constitutional rights 
make for bad cops 

Lewis Hatch IV

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LogoPhere's Daily Darts for Sep29.2014

 Catching up on a few gratuitously 
stupid Daily Mail fails

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