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Iris Grace Halmshaw  5 years old

LogoPhere's Topics for January 2015


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Who is running the 114th Congress, 
the Republicans or the iJews?


Two points here are absolutely axiomatic: 1) Money talks in American politics, and 2) there are enough billionaire iJews with a shared Zionist agenda and enough money to influence Congress.  Given the way the American political system is set up, these axiomatic points spell out a rolling disaster for Americans, who have lost control of their government.  If Americans don't get this mess sorted out somehow and neutralize the Israeli control of Congress -- even if it takes a Constitutional amendment to eliminate election mega-funding and political bribery -- Americans will find themselves pushed into a world war by their own Congress working in behalf of Israel instead of Americans. -- Denis O'Brien

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LogoPhere's Short Shots 

The way Jews say things


Cpl. Francisco Javier Soria Toledo

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LogoPhere's WTF News & Commentary 

21st Century Western diplomacy:
Praising Abdullah rather than pissing on his grave


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From the time-to-give-it-up-baby dept. 


Kiki Ginsburg is an embarrassment to the USSCt

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From the I-don't-think-so dept. 


 If you want your AZ high school diploma, you gotta' answer this:  What is the "capital" of the U.S.?

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LogoPhere's Short Shots 


The French really know how to throw a rally when there's a terrorist attack

CNN edits out Abbas.  France tries to edit out Netanyahu

FOX's blathering, Islamophobic idiots Jeanine Pirro and Stephen Emerson score a huge faux-pas

New video: Timothy Loehmann, the Cleveland pig who shot 12 yo Tamir Rice, also assaulted his sister


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LogoPhere's WTF Daily Darts 

Taking the mickey out of the mighty Daily Mail


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LogoPhere's WTF News & Commentary

 Dissecting Dirty Dershís Declaration

Jeffrey Epstein and "assistant" Adriana Ross
(Is that Uncle Al in the background?)

"In conclusion, I donít understand why Uncle Al didnít just say "I donít know the lady, have never met her, and have never knowingly laid eyes on her, certainly not when she was a minor." That would have covered it as far as the JD #3 allegations go. In the absence of that blanket denial, I, personally, donít think this affidavit means squat. If the court grants his motion to intervene, he will positively be deposed, and, boy, would I like to be at that deposition. My guess is that now that heís got the mediaís attention with his shambles of a declaration he will withdraw his motion to intervene in order to avoid a nasty deposition. Just guessiní."   -- Denis O'Brien    

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LogoPhere's WTF News & Commentary

 A way to identify the assholes in the NYPD?


We all know that NYC, like any other city or town in America, has some really good cops. Honest men and women doing the best they can to perform a difficult job -- wrapping the phrase "to serve and protect" around their self-identity like a religious vestment.  Unfortunately, religious vestments are not made of Kevlar, as Wenjian Liu and Rafel Ramos learned when they were gunned down in their cop car by Ismaaiyl Brinsely in Brooklyn on December 20.  We all mourn, and we all should mourn, when good cops are killed on duty. 

And then there is, as always, the antithesis of good cops. The unstable turds with government issued guns who are the bane of any free society.  The psychopaths and sociopaths with badges and spastic trigger fingers and well-practiced choke-holds.  And, heaven knows, the NYPD has more than its share of these. I'm talking the likes of Justin Volpe now doing time for the gruesome, sadistic attack of  Abner Louima. I'm talkin' about the coward cops who will use deadly force wildly disproportionate to any threat they face. I'm takin' endless stories of illegal abuse of constabulary power that has caused the deaths and injuries and false arrests of thousands of NY civilians over just the last few years -- Denis O'Brien    

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LogoPhere's WTF News & Commentary

 One simple, cheap way to reduce the handgun kiddie-carnage 

Veronica Rutledge

Veronica Rutledge is being described by family and work-mates as a beautiful person. That much is obvious from the media photos. Hers was, by all accounts I have seen, a wonderful, perfect life that should have gone on for another six decades. But the NRA is right: she had a constitutional right to carry that gun. And her father-in-law says she loved guns and always carried one.  Too bad she didnít carry it with a safety-blank in the chamber. -- Denis O'Brien

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LogoPhere's WTF News for Dec31.2014

 LogoPhere's TOP TEN idiot cop stories of 2014 

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Farewell, and good riddance, to 2014.  

We are looking forward to 2015 about as much as 
a plate of cold, wet pasta dropping into our collective lap.


LogoPhere's WTF News for Dec27.2014

 Random thoughts across America --  
Winter Solstice Roadtrip, 2014

If you have ever driven solo across America, you know what it is to slip into deep thought, particularly if  you know how to turn off the radio, mp-player and Siri.  There is something about moving through space at 75 mph enclosed in a metal container that encourages contemplation.  Here are some random thoughts I recorded on my winter solstice trip from British Columbia to Ohio/Virginia/Kentucky and back. 

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